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Bottomless Tapas is here

Heavenly Desserts has always been about innovation and delivering truly unique guest experiences.

We launched our dessert tapas in 2022 by giving our guests the opportunity to try a variety of small plate desserts has now become a staple in our Heavenly Desserts menu. This February we are pushing boundaries again to bring the Heavenly Desserts experience to all who come and dine. Thursday - Sunday until 9th March we will offer bottomless dessert tapas and a non-alcoholic mojito. We understand that our guests may want to elevate there dessert dining experience that is why for a surcharge of £4 guests will be able to replace there mojito with a bottle of Nozeco.

Our range of dessert tapas will transport you around the world throughout the inspired dishes you choose from Turkish Baklava & Honey, French and American fusion with our Croffle bites, Japanese inspired mochi plates, Northern China Bao Buns, Italian Cannoli with a sweet ricotta filling and French macarons. You can travel the culinary world whilst sitting in the comfort of your local Heavenly Desserts restaurant.


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