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Founded in 2008 and expanding into its current form in 2012, Heavenly Desserts offers the opportunity for people to enjoy a luxurious sweet creation throughout the UK. Heavenly Desserts continues to be an innovator in the world of luxury desserts and for our future development, we have invested in an infrastructure with a capability to build a 200 outlet franchise system.
Heavenly Desserts is looking for new franchise partners who have the appetite for multiple units and could be either an existing food and beverage franchisee or someone looking to diversify their business portfolio or a new franchisee with great food and beverage experience looking to create their own business with a trusted brand.
We offer development opportunities to incoming, quality franchisees in two formats; cafes at circa 50 or 100 seats, plus a Heavenly Desserts take-away kiosk.
Our floor-space requirements range from 1,300 sq. ft. for a 50 seat cafe, and up to 2,000 sq. ft. for a 100 seat cafe in a busy city location. 300–800 sq. ft. would be ideal for a kiosk.
The number of sweet bakery and dessert treats that Britons munch through each year.

NDP Group
The increase in the sweet bakery and dessert sales over the past 5 years.

NDP Group


  • Assistance with gaining bank funding on excellent terms.
  • A clear and transparent financial model.
  • A fair, principled, and even-handed franchise agreement.


  • A comprehensive and industry leading training programme.
  • Assistance with employee recruitment.


  • Delivery of an exclusive territory within our comprehensive and modern mapping process.
  • Access to our first-class supplier chain.
  • Provision of a complete turnkey operation, fully fitted and equipped.


  • Experienced and thorough operational support at both store and HQ level. Back-of-house administrative support included.
  • We can provide support with finding the right solution to look after your VAT, monthly P&L statements, payroll service and year-end accounts, allowing you to focus on your guests and your growing your business.


  • Exciting and varied marketing programmes, starting with local, then regional and national events, as our store base grows.


  • Suitable franchisees will be offered the opportunity to develop their own store base over an agreed period; Not too fast, not too slow.
  • We discuss your exit strategy before you even start, as we know each person wants their own outcomes and we help you work towards that.


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