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Taste heaven at home – the Italian way!


Made in Italy, our gelato has the most authentic Italian taste with an intense and long-lasting flavour. Unlike ice-cream, gelato has a higher milk to cream ratio, creating a more dense and creamier texture which is also lighter on the palette, leaving behind an indulgent taste.

Our gelato is oh, so slowly churned and simultaneously frozen to create a delicious artisanal frozen dessert we love!

With the launch of our new takeout gelato range, you can indulge in the taste of Heaven at home. These little tubs of handheld happiness are the perfect addition to movie nights on the sofa, duvet days, summer evening get togethers and delivered directly to your door, here to satisfy those late-night sweet treat cravings.

Available in four feel-good flavours inspired by some of your all time favourite Heavenly sweet treats. Which will be your go to gelato…

Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate & Hazelnut or Crème Caramel

A little lesson in Gelato History…

Italian Gelato as we know and love it comes from Sicily during the Middle Ages, where Sicilians would mix fresh fruit juices and ice to create a frozen sweet treat – Italian sorbetto! However, it was in 16th Century Florence where a Queen’s love of fruits, sugar and ice desserts made by a local farmer made a breakthrough in the history of gelato. The Queen took the farmer with her on her travels to France where he served these much loved frozen desserts to each guest at her royal wedding.

Years later, Italian gelato has found its way to Heavenly Desserts stores everywhere and to your hearts. But now, with our new retail Gelato takeout range, everyone can enjoy the taste of Italia, at home.


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