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Introducing sweet treats to South London as we reach restaurant 50…

On Friday 21st July, we were joined by London locals to celebrate the launch of our 50th restaurant, nestled in the heart of the South London district, Tooting. Foodies and dessert lovers alike were served a complimentary evening filled with sweet treats, first class entertainment and an evening they won’t forget with a polaroid picture keepsake.

Tooting is the latest location to become home to the UK’s best dessert restaurant as Heavenly Desserts opens its doors on Upper Tooting Road, bringing sweet treats and smiles to South London.

As guests walked through the doors they were welcomed by picturesque pastel walls in hues of purples and blues, soft velvet furnishings finished with gold trimming and contemporary light fittings, offering yet another unique restaurant with its very own identity, designed to deliver the Heavenly experience (not to mention the best backdrop for your next Insta post).

The sweet symphony of a local violinist played as guests took their seats, combining a classic instrument with the very best of RNB and pop hits to create a sweet soundtrack to the evening. Guests grazed on little bites of heaven with a taster of our dessert tapas menu, sipped on sweet signature drinks and indulged in some of our most loved and iconic dishes, including the Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry Croffle.

We’re proud to say that we were one of the very first dessert restaurants in the UK to offer our guests the stroke of patisserie genius, otherwise known as the Croffle and to this day, Heavenly Desserts is recognised as the home of the Croffle, now available for sweet-toothed lovers all over Tooting. Available in five flavours, our iconic Croffle is created with a buttery croissant dough baked to perfection, decadent in some of our most loved flavour combinations, including Dark Chocolate & Pistachio and Biscoff & White Chocolate.

Pictured above from left to right: Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Croffle, Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry Croffle

Along with our Ruby Croffle, foodies of Tooting enjoyed our innovative ‘Grow Up’ cheesecake – served in a ceramic pot and topped with a sprig of mint to imitate a sprouting plant, potted with Oreo soil and drizzled in Biscoff milk syrup.

Tooting, you were a dream. Thanks for welcoming us with open arms to your vibin’ little district and being home to our very first sweet spot in South London.

Get the inside scoop on all things Heavenly as we open even more restaurants in the UK before the end of 2023. Discover more by visiting


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