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Heavenly Desserts: The home of the Croffle.



1. Soft, buttery croissant dough meets our signature American waffle bakers. Delicately baked until light and crispy, giving you the flakiness of a fresh croissant with the classic markings of our American waffles. An icon of Heavenly Desserts and a signature dessert making us, The home of the Croffle.

“I visited Heavenly Desserts for their croffle and now it’s all I can think about.”

(Pictured left to right: Dark Chocolate & Pistachio, Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry, Lotus Biscoff & White Chocolate Croffle).

As wizards in the world of desserts, we’re renowned for our innovative yet classic sweet treat creations and we’ve got heaps to be proud of when it comes to delivering desserts with a difference and no exception is made when it comes to a dessert we introduced to many of our guests for the first time, many moons ago.

With inspiration from Irish pastry chef, Louise Lennox, who is known for first inventing the waffle croissant hybrid, we developed our own take on this perfect pastry creation, using the finest of croissant dough freshly delivered to each Heavenly Desserts restaurant. Baked to perfection in our American waffle bakers, we created a croffle which is flaky to the touch, buttery yet light to taste and to this day, undoubtedly the best croffle you can get your hands on in any dessert spot in the UK.

Our croffle collection showcases the very best of Heavenly Desserts signature flavours, including Lotus Biscoff and pistachio, offering a sweet something for all guests. However, a signature dessert like the croffle needs a signature flavour – a flavour combination so sweet it will stand the test of time, forever. Our team of dedicated dessert experts developed just that – with little introduction needed, a much loved Heavenly classic… our Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry Croffle.

(Pictured front to back: Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry Croffle, Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Croffle).

Created to deliver delight to your senses, with flavours and ingredients that work harmoniously together to spark joy with every mouthful, our Ruby Chocolate & Raspberry Croffle satisfies all the senses, a true piece of art which is almost too perfect to devour. Two gorgeous, gorgeous golden and delicately baked croffles are stacked, sauced with ruby & white chocolate, embellished with white chocolate shavings, fresh raspberries and accompanied by a scoop of our authentic Italian white chocolate gelato.

So far, our croffle journey has seen five delicious and unique flavours grace our menu, but as we continue to strive for that number one spot as croffle connoisseurs, our journey will take you in new directions as we introduce new, mouth-watering flavours – just watch this space to be the first to discover the latest additions to our croffle clan. Spoiler alert… for the first time ever at Heavenly Desserts, vegan dessert indulgers might just get to experience the revolutionary croffle as we look to offer our plant based pals the vegan version of our most signature dessert.

This September, join us in celebrating this legendary creation in its natural habitat, by visiting your nearest Heavenly Desserts restaurant.

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