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Heavenly Desserts Dundee: Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, 13th July!

We're delighted to announce the opening of our newest Heavenly Desserts location in the vibrant city of Dundee. Join us on Saturday, 13th July, as we open our doors and introduce you to the ultimate dessert experience right in the heart of Dundee.

Experience Dessert Perfection

At Heavenly Desserts, we are passionate about creating exquisite desserts that offer a blissful escape from the everyday. Our new Dundee location promises to deliver the finest desserts in Dundee, with a menu that's sure to delight all dessert enthusiasts. From our signature waffles to unique dessert tapas, every item is crafted with love and the finest ingredients.

What’s on the Menu?

Our menu is a treasure trove of indulgent treats that cater to every craving. Here are some highlights:

  • Signature Waffles: Golden, crispy, and perfectly fluffy, our waffles are a must-try. Topped with an array of mouth-watering options like fresh berries, strawberries and chocolate, and a scoop of gelato, each bite is a piece of heaven.

  • Croffles: A delightful fusion of croissant and waffle, croffles offer the best of both worlds. Enjoy the buttery, flaky texture of a croissant with the satisfying crispiness of a waffle, complemented by various delicious toppings.

  • Milk Cake: Dive into our rich and creamy milk cakes. These moist and flavourful cakes are soaked in a trio of milks, making them incredibly soft and decadent, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

  • Dessert Tapas: Experience a variety of flavours with our dessert tapas. Perfect for sharing, our dessert tapas include mini versions of our favourite treats, allowing you to enjoy a little bit of everything.

Why Heavenly Desserts Dundee?

We are committed to being more than just another dessert restaurant in Dundee. Our focus is on providing a premium and relaxing environment where you can savour the best desserts Dundee has to offer. Our friendly and attentive team are here to ensure that your visit is nothing short of perfect, whether you're enjoying a casual treat or celebrating a special occasion.

Join Our Grand Opening Celebration

Celebrate the opening of Heavenly Desserts Dundee with us on Saturday,13th July. Be among the first to indulge in the finest desserts Dundee has to offer. It’s the perfect way to spend a day out with family and friends.

Visit Us

Heavenly Desserts Dundee is centrally located, 48-54 Reform Street making it the perfect spot for a sweet escape, whether you're a local resident or a visitor exploring the city. We can’t wait to welcome you to our new home.

Stay Connected

Don’t miss out on any updates, promotions, and events. Follow us on social media and share your experiences at Heavenly Desserts Dundee using the hashtag #HeavenlyDessertsDundee.

We're excited to bring the best desserts to Dundee and can't wait to see you at our grand opening on Saturday, 13th July. Come and indulge in a heavenly dessert experience like no other!

For more information, visit our website at and explore our delicious menu.



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