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Industry-leading Training Programme

Here at Heavenly Desserts, we take pride in our ability to provide a comprehensive and industry-leading training program. This begins once a store opening date has been provided.
Pre-store opening franchisee training occurs in one of our company stores. For 1 week, franchisees get to experience how a store runs on a day to day basis, and are expected to work in each section of store operations. This begins in the Barista area, learning how to make milkshakes, mojitos all the way down to practicing latte art. You will then learn the secrets to decorating a beautiful dessert, and how to handle the pressures of a busy kitchen. Furthermore, we cover stock management, keeping staff happy and sales analysis modules in this training phase.
Heavenly Desserts Store Training
Heavenly Desserts Store Set up

The Next Steps

On the Front of House, we show our attention to detail approach to customer service. Franchisees learn how to serve customers, the importance of good service, smiling, going the extra mile as well as how to carry 3 plates with 2 hands, and balance a tray full of milkshakes without panicking!

The next stage of our openings process is hiring. Our experienced new store openings team will front-run the recruitment process, using their experience within Heavenly Desserts and an aptitude for talent management to ensure you start with a winning team. Recruitment is usually carried out over 2 days, with the franchisee present to further increase their familiarity in the process, which they will need for success in the future.

The Final Steps

Finally, pre-opening the store involves 2 weeks of intense training for staff. During the 2 weeks, everything needed to efficiently operate a store to high standards is covered. With lots of practice days to ensure that your very first customers get to experience Heavenly Desserts to the fullest.

During this period, staff get to practice making desserts, serving (mock) customers, and carrying out daily cleaning tasks. Our industry leading training programs also ensures that all legal compliance areas are fully trained and covered such as food hygiene, allergens awareness and keeping Covid safe.

The final stage of training is on shift supervision. Our experienced new store opening team assist to manage the store for the first 7 days of opening. Where they will pick up on any and every detail related to service. We also help the manager create rota’s and manage stock, and establish a healthy working culture within the store.
Heavenly Desserts Store Success
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