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wow sweet bao

a heavenly colla'bao'ration
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Our love for Asian influenced sweet treats continues as we proudly announce our partnership with Asian inspired grocers itsu in the launch of their new sweet bao buns. Exclusive to Heavenly Desserts restaurants, these bao buns come with a velvety smooth chocolate centre with a salted caramel dipping sauce to transcend your senses – wow sweet bao!
Served in a traditional bao bun bamboo steamer, these sweet buns offer the same fluffy texture as traditional Itsu steamed buns. With the dough folded and sealed to enclose the rich and sweet chocolatey filling, savour confidently with one hand whilst you sip on a Cherry Blossom & Lychee Seltzer with the other.
These melt in the middle hot fluffy buns are ready to grace our restaurants from 22nd June 2023. Run, don’t walk to your nearest Heavenly location to  indulge in this truly heavenly colla’bao’ration.  

How to bao...

Despite their origin, bao buns are traditionally not meant to be eaten with chopsticks. Food taste better when you eat it with your hands – so get stuck in and eat like nobodies watching... we’ll supply the napkins!

Grab, dip and enjoy.

Take a bao - these fluffy buns are the chocolatey sweet treat we never knew we needed!

Exclusive to Heavenly Desserts

text here about how its exclusive to hd stores only blah blah blah 

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