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Introducing your Summer favourites

Summer has officially started early here at Heavenly Desserts! By blending tropical and botanical flavours, we bring the trending tastes of the season to life with our limited-time summer menu. From the frozen delight of our brand-new Watermelon Sugar Cooler to the creamy goodness of our Blueberry Boba cheesecake pot, your favourite dessert restaurant has combined it all.

Introducing our drinks: first up is our Watermelon Sugar Cooler. This tantalising frozen beverage combines the refreshing sweetness of watermelon with the zest of cloudy lemonade, creating the perfect summer treat.

Coming in strong, next up is our Hibiscus and Honey Iced Tea. This refreshing drink blends hibiscus, white tea, and honey to capture the essence of summer in a single glass.

Saving the best for last? Our Iced White Chocolate and Chai is the ultimate creamy cold lifesaver for those hot summer days. Mixing sweet and warm spice to elevate your taste buds with every sip!

It doesn’t stop there. We are bringing you two summer dessert dishes inspired by some of your current menu favourites.

Did somebody say Grow up with a spin? Our first summer treat is our Blueberry boba cheesecake pot. Creamy vanilla cheesecake meets blueberry and passionfruit.

If that didn’t tempt you enough, we've elevated our Milk Cake to create the Macaron Milk Cake. With dreamy vanilla flavours, fresh fruits, and a raspberry macaron on top, this final addition is both Instagram-worthy and delicious.

Visit your nearest Heavenly Desserts Restaurant this summer and let us meet your every expectation.


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