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Thank you for joining us here today, please can you read and complete the below form to confirm that yourself and any people under the age of 18 that you are responsible for today agree to all of the following…
i. You consent to our staff and all 3rd party members of Heavenly Desserts to capture photo, video and audio of yourself while on the premise.

ii. That the acquired media can be used for marketing and promotional materials on any digital and print mediums. (These include but are not limited it Menus, Posters, Signs, Table Talkers, Social Media Platforms, Websites, Digital and Printed Brochures.)

iii. The Media may be edited and altered in any way deemed necessary by the company.

iv. You waive your right to inspect or approve any of the finished product or receive compensation for the use the media.

v. You also release the company (Heavenly Desserts Franchise Ltd) and it’s staff members from any misuse or distortion of the media.

vi. The media may be shared with 3rd party companies such as but not limited to marketing agencies to aid us in our promotion of the brand and business.

Thank you for your confirmation

Thank you and enjoy your evening
The Heavenly Desserts Team

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